Lambton Mental Wellness Centre

About Us

The Lambton Mental Wellness Centre has been part of Sarnia-Lambton since 1997. We provide peer mental health support to the community through our two programs:

  •  Peer support programs for consumers/ survivors of mental illness. 

  •  Lambton Family Initiative / Family services: provides peer support for family members & caregivers supporting an individual living with  mental illness.


Meet and sustain the mental health needs for all of Sarnia/Lambton through education, social recreation, peer support and partnering with other local agencies and health care professionals ensuring mentally healthy people in a healthy society.

Nurture Mental wellness and support individuals with lived experience as well as their family members, caregivers, and friends.


Advocacy/Social Justice: We are committed to removing barriers and discrimination that impact quality of life, and supporting equitable access to resources, so that people can fully participate in society.

Self-Determination: We support individuals’ rights to make decisions that affect their lives.

Integrity: We value honesty, confidentiality, and ethical behaviour.

Inclusion & Collaboration: We are committed to working with our community to achieve responsive and accessible services for all.

Excellence & Accountability: We are committed to using our resources efficiently and effectively to ensure the highest possible standards of governance and services.