Lambton Mental Wellness Centre

Mental Health Peer and Family Support Programs

Friday June 12, 2020

Greetings to all of our members:
We are so thankful to everyone for their adaptability with our services during these unique times.

We would like to offer a huge welcome to our newest team member, Jennifer. Jennifer was our latest Therapeutic Recreation student from Lambton College. We are so excited to have Jennifer on board to facilitate our upcoming virtual social recreation programming.

Beginning Monday, June 15th, Monday to Friday, we are pleased to offer social recreation activities and peer support group (see the schedule attached).

Please note that we will strictly enforce guidelines during all of our ZOOM sessions (guidelines attached).

If anyone needs assistance to access us virtually, please email, and we would be happy to help get you connected.

We look forward to exploring this wonderful increase in virtual programming with you.


Cheryl Iacobelli, Executive Director

For safety reasons we are following the same protocols that the Mental Health Commission of Canada uses when providing their Mental Health First Aid virtual training. ALL participants must have their video on during peer support groups.
For safety reasons all Peer Support Group participants must be a registered member of the Lambton Mental Wellness Centre and have completed a membership form and a virtual session agreement.
We focus on feelings and not specific incidences/details.
Please stay focused on the present, and how you are feeling today.
Remember, what works for you, may not work for me, and that’s okay. We are all unique individuals.
We practice non-judgmental acceptance, and respect our right to choose what works best for us.
Staff will ask that you mute your microphone when you are not speaking. (this helps with feedback noise)
We accept that we cannot resolve all problems.
Group facilitators will utilize the feature to mute a participant or remove them from the meeting if necessary.
If a participant chooses to leave the meeting we ask that you let the facilitator know that you are okay and simply choosing to leave the group. You can verbally state this, or send a message to the facilitator, and/or the group in the chat.
If you need to check in with one of the facilitators individually please verbally express this or type a message to the facilitator in the chat feature.


United Way Sarnia-Lambton has provided us with a very generous donation to purchase tablets to support our efforts to virtually connect our rural senior members. We are so grateful for this support to now be able to connect those who are in great need for connection and mental health peer support.

Confidentiality – what is said in the sessions MUST stay with the sessions
Headphones – If you are in a shared living space you are required to use headphones to provide privacy
Non-triggering language – please be mindful not to use triggering language (ie no talk of violence)
Safe Word “PINEAPPLE” if anything is being shared in the group that is concerning for you, please state the word “PINEAPPLE” and the topic will be promptly dropped
 PARTICIPANT SHARE SCREEN- Due to the fact that ZOOM does not offer complete encryption with the program we have purchased, we will not be using the share screen feature. In addition, the host has no way of protecting the group from what folks may choose to share.
Sharing time– “speak once rule”. Once you have shared, we ask that you allow time for others to share before you participate additional times.
Minimize distractions for yourself and others – we ask that you be prepared to be present for the sessions. Please minimize distractions such as external noises, distractions, pets etc.
Be Present – please prepare yourself to be fully present when in the sessions. This is a respectful gesture to yourself and others that you are ready and able to give and receive mutual peer support.
 Please dress appropriately for the sessions. (Comfy clothes are more than acceptable)




We wish to express our most sincere appreciation to the Sarnia Community Foundation for choosing Lambton Mental Wellness Centre to be a part of this innovative and wonderful event. We are so grateful for your support of our organization and for all of the amazing work you do in our community.


To access meeting ID please email

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11:00- 11:45        11:00- 11:45            11:00- 11:45             11:00- 11:45              11:00 - 11:45  

CRAFT & CHAT   HUMOUR IS               BINGO                MINDFULNESS            SOCIAL TEA


     1:30 -2:15             1:30 -2:15                  1:30 -2:15                 1:30 -2:15                1:30 -2:15   


        GROUP                       GROUP                          GROUP                        GROUP                        GROUP ​  

   (each Monday except)


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