Lambton Mental Wellness Centre



Please see monthly calendar for dates and times

Concurrent Support: 

A space to discuss strategies to help individuals cope with their addiction and mental health challenges.  

We focus on our emotions as we share strategies and support each other.

Depression & Anxiety Support:

 Members share their experiences and strategies in order to gain insight and understanding on how to cope with

depression & anxiety. 

Bipolar Support: 

This support group is available to provide hope by sharing experiences. Members living with bipolar disorder share 

coping strategies and help one another on their journey to wellness.

Wellness Strategies: 

This support group is designed to provide members with specific strategies to use in their lives to help maintain wellness.

Each session focuses on a specific strategy. 

Members Support: 

This support group provides an opportunity for members to support each other with the help of a facilitator.

Members discuss their experiences  and share strategies to build on their level of wellness. 

Our Two Programs Include:

1. Peer Support Program: main social room, social recreation & support groups

2. Lambton Family Initiative: Family support groups, NAMI family education program